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(Spotlight & Brilliance)

*Solo, duet, and trio rehearsals will need to be worked out on a set schedule with the instructor choreographing, and must work around LOF Classes/Team Rehearsals  (Biweekly). 

NOTE: To compete a solo in a particular style, you must be enrolled in that class.

*Solos, duets and trios will not perform in the Spring and Winter recitals, unless you are a graduating Senior.

*Parents will need to contact Emily by Saturday, July 20th or use the tab below to sign up if interested. Instructor availability is held on a first come first serve basis (rehearsal space is limited).

*Lesson Prices: $25/30 min, $50/hour

NOTE: Duets/Trios will split the price of private lesson per rehearsal


  • SL Showcase

  • LOF Studio Adjudication with dance professionals

  • Two local dance competitions (Tribute and Bloom)

  • Bloom Nationals (optional but highly encouraged)

  • Any Nursing Home/Church Performances

  • Additional performances if available

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