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Shining Light Team Newsletter: 

After joining the team, you will automatically be subscribed to the Shining Lights team newsletter. This newsletter contains the following information: upcoming events and performances, updates pertaining to the Shining Lights team, and studio announcements. 

Event Information:

All detailed event information will be emailed directly to the parent, 1 week prior to an event. 

*Please sign up for studio texting in your LOF account, so we can send quick texts if a cancellation, time change, or location change happens on the event day.

*Please sign up for Slack for faster communication with staff and or other parents (especially for day of information) 

Questions or Concerns:

Student progress or behavioral concerns will be handled in a private manner with the Instructor/Director of Family Experience & Studio Development and parent. Parents may not interrupt classes/rehearsals to talk about concerns with teachers or the director. 

*Director of Operations & Finance- Jamie Bowman

Phone: 779-232-3563


Contact Jamie for these types of communications: 

● Registration questions

● Account questions

● Costume orders & replacements

● Financial issues or questions about program fees. 


*Director of Family Experience & Studio Development- Heather Krieger

Phone: 779-232-3563


Contact Heather for these types of communications: 

● Questions or concerns on studio policies or updates

● Community Events

● Volunteering at LOF

● Fundraiser participation or administrative volunteering


*Artistic Director-  TBA


Contact for these types of communications: 

● You have questions about your dancer's dance classes.

● Progress of your dancer

● Class placement for your dancer

● Questions about workshops or camps

● Reporting a concern for your dancer


*Shining Lights Manager- Emily Clark

Send messages via slack directly to Emily or Email.


Contact Emily for these types of communications: 

● Missing required classes or rehearsals.

● Missing or running late to performances or events.

● You have additional questions about Shining Lights events, rehearsals, or performances. 

***It is preferred that you contact teachers via email*** 

Contact teachers for these types of communications: Your dancer is sick, injured, or a family emergency has occurred and they will miss class/rehearsal or be late. All other needs must be directed to Andrea. 

Teacher- Chelly Benzinger:

Teacher- Emily Clark:

Teacher- Heather Krieger:

Teacher- Jamie Harris:

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