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Dress Code

Dress Code 

It is important to dress the part in dance class! This helps create equality in the classroom and improves the dancer's focus. Dancers will not be allowed to enter the classroom without being fully prepared for class. Please remember that photographs will be taken at the studio and possibly posted onto social media for marketing purposes, so it is vital that all our dancers are appropriately dressed. 

Cover Up: All dancers will be asked to cover up when they are outside the actual dance studio. Any dancer spending time in a public area of the studio will need to be covered in a cover up. 


Attire: Pink tights or flesh tone, any color leotard, and ballet skirt or shorts (Girls) Black dance pants and plain t-shirt (Boys)

Shoes: Pink canvas split sole ballet shoes for girls and black ballet shoes for boys.

Ballet Hair: Slicked back hair in a tightly secure bun, french twist, or tucked in french braid (Girls). Boys hair should be neat and pulled back if long (Boys).



Attire: Leotard and tights with jazz pants, leggings, or longer shorts (Girls). Black pants and plain t-shirt (Boys). 

Jazz Shoes: Black leather slip ons (Brilliance Team must have tan & black jazz shoes on hand)

Tap Shoes: Black patent tap shoes with elastics or oxfords

Contemporary Shoes: Flesh colored Pirouette Shoes

Hair: Secure ponytail, bun, or braid (Girls). Boys hair should be neat and pulled back if long (Boys).



Attire: Athletic, movable clothing

Shoes: Black converse (not worn outside)

Hair: Hair should be pulled back and out of face for boys and girls.


Inappropriate Dance Attire: Tops exposing stomach or lower back, short shorts, jewelry, earrings, necklaces, baggy shirts, or jeans. Any further questions regarding shoes please speak with either your dance instructor or dance director. 


***Parents are responsible for replacing lost or outgrown shoes in a timely manner*** 

A dancer’s body is their instrument. Following the dress code is seen as More Than Just Great Dancing ™  and is our policy as a YPAD certified studio. Please stay in communication if a situation arises and there is no way you could get your child to Shining Lights with the proper hair, shoes, or clothes. Your child’s presence at Shining Lights is of utmost priority, and we will always do our best to help out!

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