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Expectations & Requirements

Attendance Requirements

Team Policy on Attendance

*All Shining Light Teams: 

Must attend weekly rehearsals and communicate absences to instructor. If a dancer misses multiple rehearsals, their involvement in the routine is up to the teacher's discretion *i.e. limited stage time.


*Competition Teams (Brilliance, City Lights & Spotlight): 

Eligibility to perform/compete in full capacity will be discussed with the Shining Lights Director if absences exceed 2 missed rehearsals. Private lessons are required at the private lesson rate (within the teacher's schedule). For every 2 missed rehearsals, a private lesson is required. If a dancer fails to schedule a private lesson after missing 2 rehearsals, their involvement in the routine is up to the teachers discretion. Absences exceeding 4 may result in a director(s)/student meeting and potential loss of performance opportunity. 


Performance Expectations

Be Prepared! 

Plan on arriving (with dancers ready to perform) at the venue at the check-in times listed in the event information. Hair, costume, and makeup should be done prior to arriving at each venue. If you are running late, please contact the Performance Team Manager. If a child is missing an item, please contact your child’s dance instructor in advance; the dance instructor will decide how to best accommodate both your child and the other performers. 


Parents are expected to provide or arrange transportation to/from the performance venue. It is our policy at Leap of Faith that LOF employees do not transport students. 

*Parent or guardian must be present throughout a whole event or performance. Do not leave the venue until your dancer is done performing and may leave with you. Directors and teachers are not required to stay at dance competitions, past or in between performances and awards. 

Performance Attitude:

You as a parent are seen as an extension of the Shining Lights family at performances and events. 

  • It is expected that parents will portray a loving, encouraging, and supportive attitude towards their dancer, other dancers, and LOF Staff at all performances. 

  • It is expected that any problems or issues SL parents or dancers may have will be dealt with in private and in a straightforward, peaceful, Godly way, and not in the spirit of complaining, vindictiveness, or gossip. 

  • All dancers will be expected to follow the rules of the facility as well as the rules set forth by her/his leaders. They will be expected to treat all adults in authority with respect, and will be expected to treat her/his fellow dancers with kindness and encouragement. 

Bible Studies

Bible Study time is essential to grow our students in faith and remain a God-centered program. Our students in Elementary-High School will receive a free 15 minute Bible Study every week. All Shining Lights dancers should attend a Bible Study throughout their dance week and be leaders in memorizing the monthly Bible verses.

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