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Calendar of Events 


Event and Performance Calendar 

2023-2024 (Tentative) 

*Please note this calendar is subject to change*


Week of August 7th:  Limelight, Spotlight, Brilliance & Production Rehearsals begin

*Little Light Rehearsals Begin the week of August 21st *


Week of August 14th:  City Lights Rehearsals begin

* Little Lights Rehearsal will begin the week of August 21st*


***Rehearsal hours are subject to change due to the fact we are starting Shining Light Classes prior to the start of our season. We will return to our Fall Schedule the week of August 21st when classes officially begin. More information will be sent in an upcoming email.***

Friday, August 11th:  SL Kickoff Party “Field Days” @ Mather Woods Park/Shelter from 5:30-7:30 pm (All teams event)


August 21st-25th:  Studio Dance Classes Begin


Sunday, September 17th:  SL Leadership Workshop from 2:00-4:00 pm (All teams event- Little Lights, early release @ 2:45)


Saturday, September 30th:  Plainfield Homecoming Parade (All teams event)

Saturday, October 7th:  Joliet Slammers Performance (All teams event)

Saturday, October 21st:  Shining Lights Photo Shoot @ LOF (All teams event)

Sunday, November 12th:  "Timbers of Shorewood" Retirement Center Performance from 2:00-3:00 pm (All teams event)

Sunday, December 10th:  LOF Christmas Showcase (Studio Event)

Friday, December 15th:  SL Christmas Party (All teams event- Little Lights, early release)


January 26th-28th:  Dance Revolution in Wheeling, IL (optional convention-Production & 1 Brilliance Dance will be performing) 


Saturday, February 3rd:  Feed My Starving Children in Aurora from 2:00-3:45 pm (Studio Event)

Friday, February 9th:  SL Showcase @ Grace Pointe (All teams event)


Saturday, February 24th:  Level C-E Tap Master Class w/ Kendra Jorstad (Registration Req.) AND Shining Lights Adjudication @ LOF (Brilliance Team, Competitive Tap Team, City Lights & any solos/duets/trios)

Saturday, March 9th:  Velocity Show in Michigan @ Dance Arts (Brilliance Team only- including solos/duets/trios)

March 15-17th:  Tribute Competition @ Oswego East High School (Brilliance Team, Competitive Tap Team, City Lights & any solos/duets/trios) 


March/April:  Easterseals *TBD

April 5th-6th:  GuiDance Competition & Workshop (Brilliance Team, Competitive Tap Team, City Lights & any solos/duets/trios)

April 12th-14th:  Bloom Regionals (optional- Solos & Duets ONLY) *Tentative


Friday-Saturday in April/May:  SL Team Lock-In Night (All teams event *no Little Lights)


Sunday, May 5th:  Six Flags (All teams event)


June:  SL Banquet (All teams event)


June:  LOF Recital (Studio Event)


June 28th-30th:  Bloom Nationals (optional- Brilliance Team, Competitive Tap Team & any solos/duets/trios)


Production Rehearsal Schedule (Saturdays 9:30-11 am *Little Lights 9:30-10 am)

  • August 12th *no Little Lights

  • August 19th *no Little Lights

  • September 9th

  • October 7th

  • November 4th

  • December 2nd

  • January 13th

**Extra Rehearsal January 20th as we head into DR- DR Attendees ONLY**

  • February 3rd

  • March 2nd

  • April 27th

  • May 4th

  • June 1st

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