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Brilliance *invite only*
Competition Team
Instructor: TBA

*Includes: 2 Dances (Lyrical & Jazz), Production Piece (Jazz) and Optional Solo/Duet/Trio. 

*Start Date for Brilliance: Week of August 5th *early start

*Brilliance Team will partake in 2 Regional Competitions during the 2024/2025 Season.

Optional- Bloom Nationals in June.

Events (Expected Participation):

  • Shining Lights Leadership Workshop

  • 1-2 service projects

  • Dance Revolution Convention (performing 2 dances)

  • LOF Studio Adjudication

  • ALL Scheduled Competitions (besides Nationals, which is optional)

  • Team party, studio events, and year-end banquet


  • Homecoming Parade

  • SL Showcase

  • Dance Revolution Showcase (Production IS performing)

  • LOF Studio Adjudication

  • Two local dance competitions (Tribute and Bloom)

  • Spring and Winter Recitals

  • Bloom Nationals (optional but highly encouraged)

  • Any Nursing Home/Church Performances

***Please note: solos, duets, and trios will not be performing in this year's recitals (with the exception of Seniors), but may be entered into all competitions***

Other Expected Requirements:

  • Must be registered for Ballet AND Jazz at Leap of Faith in order to be eligible for the team. (Contemporary highly recommended).

  • Must sign up for Brilliance and sign the Shining Lights Covenant by Saturday, July 20th and attend the weekly rehearsals. 

Brilliance Rehearsals:   Wednesday's (8:15-9:15 PM)

Production Rehearsals: 1 Saturday/month from 9:30-11 am

  • Follow all attendance policies.

  • Attend weekly Bible study. *At LOF, we value our students relationship with Christ and strive to prioritize their faith! With that said, we understand many of our students are involved in Church Groups, Bible Study, etc. If your dancer can not attend an LOF Bible study, please contact Miss Emily.


*Mandatory Fees this Season include: All Competitions (besides Bloom Nationals) and Studio Adjudication at LOF. This means no refunds, and fees will automatically be deducted from your account.

  • One-time $20.00 membership fee per student - this will cover the choreography for the additional dance routine and additional administrative costs for competitions. *membership fee will be processed on July 22nd

  • Monthly Rehearsal Tuition: $30/month

  • Registration fee for Dance Revolution (set by DR)

  • LOF Studio Adjudication: $20 fee per dancer

  • All competition fees (see Team Fees Page)

Extra Rehearsals:

  • There is a good chance a few extra Friday or Saturday Rehearsals will be scheduled, especially when heading into an event like DR, competition, etc.

To join this team, visit our covenant page linked below!

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