About Us

Leap of Faith is a parachurch Arts Ministry empowering artists to utilize their talents and gifts to share the gospel and glorify the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Leap of Faith believes that everyone has God-breathed gifts and talents. As artists, we are taught technique, theory, what looks or sounds good and what doesn’t, muscle memory and practice skills all from a very young age.

Leap of Faith believes there is a chasm between the world of secular performing arts and the Christian faith. Our goal is to be a bridge; to show people a loving, creative, joyful God who responds to their praise through dance and song, giving each of them the potential to be transformed into powerful instruments of evangelism.

Leap of Faith currently hosts the Shining Lights Dancers, which began as a pilot program  in 2006 under another ministry, as well as recreational dance programs. Programs include ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and hip hop dance in an age-appropriate setting. Leap of Faith has also began offering a children’s theater program which allows us to share the gifts of acting and story telling with local under-resourced schools as well as area children. You can count on high quality instruction, artistry of integrity, and appropriate music, costuming and dance movements in our Christ-centered programs.

We are located at 14210 South Route 30, #124, Plainfield, IL 60544.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our programs or our mission.

Becca Heye, Executive Director