What People Are Saying!

My daughters and I all 3 dance at Leap of Faith, and our lives have each been changed in different ways because if this ministry. My 8 year old used to be afraid to do anything or talk to people she didn’t know. Through LOF, she has discovered her greatest passion– dancing for Jesus. As a parent, you can’t ask for more than that.  She wrote in her journal once that when she dances, she “feels like she’s flying and can be (her)self.”  She’s also made friends who accept her for who she isMBP_6087-ZF-9830-92552-1-005-020 and just have fun together!
My 13 year old has been searching for an activity she’s “good at” and that she enjoys for a number of years. She decided to try a rec class at LOF. Through her classes, she’s discovered that it doesn’t matter how wonderful a dancer she is- it’s about making friends, enjoying time together, doing her best, and encouraging each other when you get it, and when you don’t.
Personally, I’ve participated in the adult classes at LOF, and it’s my favorite part of the week.  I have made amazing friends, enjoy “grown up time,” and, oh, we dance a little too!  🙂  As a parent, I’ve supported and had a vested interest in LOF from the beginning. Through the years I’ve learned SO much about how God works. It’s been an absolute blessing to see how God has taken “our” vision for LOF and changed and molded it to what He wants for this ministry. God is doing great things and I’m so excited to see what’s to come!

LOF is a friendly community where I can do what I love, which is dance and further my relationship with the Lord. Love you LOF!!  
I am so excited for Sara to start classes again.  I absolutely love your ministry and the recital was beautiful!!   I feel so blessed that Sara is a part of Leap of Faith!!

We Love Leap of Faith! It is a wonderful “family-like” community that teaches your child great dance techniques while encouraging their love for the Lord. It inspires and grows them as a dancer as well as how to use their gift of dance to bless others. We highly recommend LOF!!”